Sunday, April 11, 2010

Release Your Inner Beast

Each of us is born with a beast inside. This beast will try anything and is not afraid of failure. This beast includes unique gifts and interest that are woven in to our DNA.

The problem is that as we start to grow up we let fear take control. Fear starts asking questions like what if I fail? What if I look foolish? What if no one cares? And fear starts telling you that you do not have the right skill, you do not have anything unique to contribute, or that you really have nothing to contribute. Fear holds your inner beast in a cage.

Think about a very young boy. Give him crayons and he starts to draw, give him blocks and he starts to build, set him in front of a piano and he starts playing. Okay, maybe it’s scribbling, stacking and key banging, but the point is that fear of failure has not caged his beast. He is open to explore and try new things. If someone set you in front of a canvas with paints or at a piano today most likely you would say “but I don’t know how to paint” or “but I can’t play the piano”. Maybe you can’t, but maybe you can. That funny little thing called practice works wonders, but only after you get over fear of failure.

I paint. I took art classes when I was young and then I stopped. For years (decades) I did not draw or paint. I forgot how much I enjoyed that creative release. I had to learn to let go of the fear of a blank canvas and release my creative beast. Are my paintings the quality of a Picasso, Rembrandt, or Warhol? No they are not. They are the quality of Kamm, and that is all that matters to me.

The beast is more than just the artistic side of you. It is also the practical, goal minded side that yearns for success. Your beast wants to make things happen. Your beast wants to be challenged and to grow and improve. Maybe there is a project at the office that you want to take on, maybe there is a need that you see but is not a formal project yet. Put together your ideas (the what, they why, and the how) and approach your boss. You may be pleasantly surprised how receptive your boss can be when you do your homework and present a fully thought out plan. I’ll give you 10 to 1odds that this is what he/she is waiting for.

Unleashing the beast is moving down the road to fulfilling your potential. Successful people let their beast roam free. The share their passion with the world around them and they stop letting fear limit what they think they can, and what they ultimately do, accomplish.

Your beast is multi-dimensional and multi-faceted. Your beast is the true you, your authentic self, in all your glory. It has been inside your entire life, just waiting for you to face any fear you have and unlock the cage anyway. Let your beast out. Share the awesomeness that is you with the world. That is your purpose in life. To bring to the world all that you are.


  1. Hell Yes, I agree completely. Fear has ben holding me back for so long. Finally, I said "screw it" and I am constantly amazed at what I am capable of.

  2. It is not always easy to face your fear. You did so and pushed beyond it to find an entire new world of possibilities. Congratulations, you should be very proud of yourself. Thank you very much for sharing.

  3. This is so true! Once you let go of fear, you can do ANYTHING!

  4. Sounds like you also have pushed beyond your personal wall of fear. Fantastic. Now that you have experienced what you can accomplish when you Release your Inner Beast I hope you encourage and guide others to do the same. There is no greater feeling than helping others achieve more than they see possible.

  5. nice blog. i always knew that i was always scared and i know i can do something but something will always hold me back.i want to break my chains and let my ferocious beast roam free.

  6. Great words my friend! Life always begins at the end of your comfort zone!

  7. Aleister Crowley's quote in the link called me. Like Crowley & Paul I was subjected to fear mongering from small thinkers. Those people never question the most obvious forms of manipulation. Religion seems like a hex on cosciousness.