Thursday, December 2, 2010

Forget Bucket List - Think Life List

The other night I noticed that “The Bucket List” was on cable. Although I have never seen the movie I do know the story line and it got me thinking. How sad is it to think that anyone would wait until the end of their life to really consider what they want to do and accomplish – their personal “bucket list” if you will.

How much more fun would it be to put together a life list early in life and then work to cross things off. Instead of worrying about fitting it all in you could take your time to really savor each moment, each milestone and each victory. Crossing something off the list would be a momentous occasion and another reason to celebrate life.

Have you ever really spent time thinking about your life list? Have you committed your list to paper? What should be included you ask. That is really up to you. What will give you the most satisfaction and sense of accomplishment? What is important enough in your life to keep you pushing forward through good times and not so good times? These are the things that should be on your list; as well as some “just for the heck of it” items.

Just for the heck of it items may include taking a hot air balloon ride, going white water rafting, or attending Clown College. These items should just make you smile. More serious items could include a healthy marriage and a close knit family; helping to build a Habitat for Humanity house or some sort of similar charity work. This is your list and only you can determine what to write down.

The point is this: take the time to make your list now and then enjoy the adventure as you work to cross everything you can off the list. The goal is to cross everything off and then start a new list. The list is life – spend some time simply enjoying it.

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