Wednesday, May 19, 2010

B is for Bounce Back

Successful people all share the ability to bounce back from adversity. No one's life or business unfolds exactly to plan. There will always be hiccups and curve balls along the way. The difference between those who achieve success in spite of the curve balls and those who are held in place is this ability to bounce back. It does not matter how often you get knocked down (that happens to everyone), what matters is how many times you get up.

Sure, you can sit and stew in your own pity pool. You can complain to anyone within hearing distance that this or that situation is unfair and that you just can't catch a break. But what is that going to accomplish. Unhappy victims of life quickly find themselves alone and standing still.

You are not one of those people. You are intelligent and mature enough to realize that things are going to go wrong and that you do not have complete control over everything in your life. You accept that fact and respond to adversity by digging in and re-doubling your efforts. When you hit a wall you figure out a way to go through it, over it, under it or around it.

You are success minded, always moving forward, and always ready and able to bounce back.

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