Sunday, July 4, 2010

N is for Network

Success does not occur in a vacuum. Without the help of others it is virtually impossible to find success in any area of your life. Additionally, what good is finding success without having people around to share your achievements and to celebrate with you.

You need to always be looking to add to your networks. And yes, I said networks with an “s”. A network is nothing more than a group of people with related interests who share their knowledge and their journeys with each other. Obviously you will have a network of family and friends. You will have a professional network. Humans are “wired” for social interaction. We need the emotional and intellectual stimulation that only comes from working and socializing with other humans.

Now the thing about networks is that you have to add value. You have to be willing to jump in with assistance at a moments notice. If you are thinking about a network as a means to end, as a tool to use for your needs, then you have it all backwards.

Yes, building a network can, and should, help you in any number of ways but if you are just looking to extract from and not add to your network it will crumble. Over time the other members shift away from you. If you are not adding any value to them why would they continue to help you? It is the combined assistance to all that gives any network its real value.

So yes, work on building networks in every area of your life: Work, Health, Financial, Social, Recreational, etc, etc. But remember always that the more you give the more you will get back. It’s sort of a 1+1=3 deal. Networking is invaluable to your overall success, and through it you can be invaluable to others as well. Everyone wins. You gotta love that!

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