Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pushing through for Success

When a pilot wants to take off he turns his plane directly into the wind. If you are not familiar with Bernoulli’s principle (I will skip the physics lesson) it may seem counter-productive to fly into wind but the reality is that the plane will not take flight without pushing forward against the resistance of the moving air.

Finding true success requires the same act. You are the pilot and in control of your life and if you ever want to soar you have to turn into areas of resistance. Pushing into and ultimately through these areas is the only way to grow and prove to yourself just what you are made of and just what you can accomplish.

We all face challenges on a regular basis. The difference between those living a successful life on all levels and those who are not is the approach to these challenges. Those who view challenges as a regular part of life, who embrace them as learning opportunities, and who take on each and every one ultimately find more success. If you are in fear of having challenges pop up or if you try to avoid and/or shrink away from the twists and turns life takes you will not grow, you will not gain confidence, and you will not find the success you really want.

Facing a challenge can be tough. But you are an intelligent, resourceful and I daresay awesome human being. You have everything you need within your mind and body to overcome whatever obstacle you find in your way. Don’t shy away from the life’s challenges – face them straight on and push through.

You are the pilot of your life. Head into the wind, take flight and enjoy all the wonders that life has to offer.

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