Thursday, February 16, 2012

Move Past Your Anger

As the saying goes - Shit happens. To all of us. The question is not how do you avoid bad things but rather how do you react to them.

Sure, it’s frustrating to be passed over for a promotion you really wanted at the office, or to be underwater on your home loan. Perhaps you just found out you need a new transmission in your car. It’s natural to get angry but you have to also realize that you need to move past the anger. Anger keeps your brain from thinking about solutions and from making plans. And without a plan you cannot solve your problems.

In order to successful solve a problem you need to engage the rational part of your brain and put your emotional part in neutral. You need to think creatively and then logically to develop a plan of action. Your emotional brain, especially when in an angry state will block any creative or logical thoughts. Your emotional brain likes to be in control and will sabotage any planning you are trying to do. You need to acknowledge that you have been angered and then tell your emotional brain that you are now moving on. It may sound silly but by thinking about and telling yourself that you are done being emotional and are now ready to rationally deal with the issue you open up pathways in your brain to allow yourself to do just that.

I am not saying that you should never get angry or upset. Even if you are good at hiding it from others you cannot escape having emotional reactions to the events around you. What I am saying is that you cannot allow your anger and emotions to take control. You need to move past the initial reactions and engage your rational brain to find a sensible and plausible solution to whatever problems present themselves.

Don’t be a victim to circumstance. Step back, analyze the situation and make a plan to move forward. That is how you chart a course to success.

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