Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let Your Greatness Shine Through

There is greatness within you. Everyone has gifts to offer the world. Everyone has talents and strengths that are unique to them which help to enrich the world. We are all different – both on the outside and on the inside. That is what makes each of us so fantastic. That is exactly why we need to share our greatness.

You may be like a lot of people who either do not feel comfortable sharing themselves or who feel they have nothing to offer. Poppycock. The differentiating factor between those leading a successful, fulfilling and happy life and those who are not is the ability to let their greatness shine forth.

Share what you love with others. Share your thoughts with others. Sure, that can be a risk but it is only by taking that risk that you find like minded individuals. Sharing your true self with others is liberating. Some people may laugh at you, some may not fully understand or appreciate your talents, but they have no power over you.

Are you living your truth? Perhaps you have encountered that question before. You may have read it in books, heard it in interviews or heard from the pulpit. What is your truth? You may not have given it much thought before. What better time to start thinking about it than now? What makes you tick, what is important to you, what makes you happy, what activities are you drawn to. These are important questions.

How do you want to spend your days? Being truthful to yourself and letting your light bathe the world around you, or pretending  to be something altogether different and hiding your light from the world.
The greatness that is you is only evident when you are being yourself and participating in activities that are important to you. True success is found only when you are honest with yourself and choosing a path in life that is congruent with whom you are on the inside. Stop planning your life around measuring sticks like income level or career title. Get truthful with yourself, spend your time in the areas you truly love and life’s riches will always find you. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but they will find you.

Share the greatness that is you with the world around and everyone will see your beacon. You will become a magnet for opportunity. You will attract people from all areas who want to learn from you , work with you and help you succeed. Ask any successful person for advice on success and they will tell you to be true to yourself. Let your greatness shine through.

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