Monday, March 25, 2013

Quote for the Week

“I Can” is much more important than “I.Q.” -Author Unknown

Why this quote? I love the simplicity and the accuracy of the statement.

It’s rarely about how smart you are. Achieving success in any endeavor is about your knowing deep-down inside yourself that you can make it happen. Always believe in yourself. Remember all that you have accomplished in your life and all that you a have overcome. Success can be elusive and it sometimes takes quite a lot of persistence and perseverance to find it.

The belief in yourself will help propel your forward. Even if others doubt or mock what you are trying to become and where you are trying to go. It’s your life and only you can decide what is right for you. Don’t let life just happen. Go out there and make it happen.

Remember these two simple words: I CAN. Repeat them to yourself each and every day. Keep pushing forward and you will reach your destination. 


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