Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Enough with the Hacks already


I am so tired of seeing post after post for a whole host of life hacks. 7 Hacks for financial security. 6 Hacks to improve productivity. 4 Hacks to a better body. In this world of instant gratification, I get that people are looking for the quick and the easy. But I just need to step in here to tell you that quick and easy rarely gets the job done.

Instead of seeking out and trying the latest hack or shortcut, why not try something unique and effective (and old school). Consistency and Discipline. I know, I know, how dare I rain on your “I want it now” parade. But let’s just be totally honest here – hacks provide short term results. I agree that there are ways to use technology to make your life easier (save time or stay more organized for example), but hacks just don’t cut it for major life changes or improvements.

Let’s take fitness for example. Only by controlling your diet and consistently exercising can you ever expect to improve your fitness level. Even just 10 minutes every day (YES, every day) can yield significant results for your health over time. Physical health as well as mental health. Think marathon, not sprint. You are getting fit for a better life, over the course of your life.

What about finance hacks? Again, short term thinking. Sure, you can come up with a side hustle that increases income but unless you are disciplined and consistent that side hustle will not grow. And sure, you can find items to cut in your budget, but budget cutting never leads to wealth building or financial security. You need to develop a long-term financial plan, have the discipline to follow it, and consistently review and adjust your course as life events unfold (marriage, children, new job, promotion, downsized out, etc.)

A hack will not make you successful. Success is largely predicated on focus, discipline, and consistency. I firmly believe that everyone can achieve the success levels they desire, but first they need to: 1) define what success means to and looks like for them, and 2) put together a plan of action to continually move themselves forward.

The only thing certain about life is that it will always throw curve balls. You must build your Consistency and Discipline muscles daily so that you have the mindset and ability to respond to the curve balls and not just be thrown into a reactive spiral. Success is available for anyone who will put in the effort and spend time becoming a master at their craft. Success rarely comes to (or stays with) people just looking for or trying to use a hack to sidestep the discipline and consistently needed for the long haul.

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