Sunday, May 16, 2010

A is for Attitude

Successful individuals understand the importance of attitude. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your attitude greatly influences the outcome of every situation, every day and ultimately your entire life. You can let the events of each day determine how you feel, or you can keep control by taking few moments each morning to check and set your attitude for the day.

When you first wake in the morning your mind is in a very relaxed state. Your brain and your subconscious are open for business and ready to receive orders. Your initial thoughts will influence you all day long. Take a minute to think about what kind of a day you are going to have; Pre-program your day. Take a minute to tell yourself that today is going to be a great day. Tell yourself that you are going to be full of energy all day. Tell yourself that you are looking forward to drinking in everything the day has to offer. Tell yourself that you are more than capable to complete every task ahead of you.

You don’t think this will make a difference? Think that you can’t pre-program your mind in the morning? Then just think about this for a moment. Have you ever woken in the morning to hear a song on the radio? Maybe not even a song you like that much. But all day long that song keeps going through your head. You hear it in your head on the drive to work. It’s in your head as you move from meeting to meeting or task to task. This is the same thing. Since you had not taken the time to give your mind something to focus on, your subconscious found its own. Your brain never stops. Your brain is always thinking about something. And since it is so receptive to stimuli in the morning, take that minute before you get up to put some purposeful and positive programming (thoughts) into it.

A positive attitude changes everything. A positive attitude attracts more positive energy which in turn makes more opportunities come your way. A positive attitude and success go hand in hand. Nothing drains your energy faster than a negative attitude. Negative people waste so much energy seeing and complaining about the down side in every situation or event. They start the day exhausted and it only gets worse from there. A successful person, on the other hand, absorbs energy from those around him or her. The more that is going on, the more pumped up and enthusiastic they become.

Successful people choose to focus on the positive all around them. Successful people see the positive in their relationships, with their family, at the office, and in themselves. Successful people know that they control their attitude – and they choose to keep it positive and open to all the opportunities that each new day brings.

If you are serious about being successful, and having success in every facet of your life, then you need to focus on maintaining a positive attitude. It takes just a few minutes each morning to remind yourself of all the gifts you have to offer the world and that you are going to have a great day. Make this a habit each and every day for the next week and you’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have, how much more you get accomplished, and how much friendlier everyone around you becomes.

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