Sunday, June 20, 2010

J is for Journal

Do you realize that on any given day literally thousands of thoughts/ideas pass through your mind? Your brain never stops; it move from idea to idea to idea from birth until death. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture some of these ideas before they are lost forever? Start keeping a journal and you can.

Keeping a notepad with you at all times allows you to jot ideas down. Do not edit them and do not critique them – just write down the ones you want to save. This is your journal and unless you want to share what’s inside it is for your eyes only. Over time (and not that long of a time either) your journal begins to reveal a path towards success. Your ideas start to take shape and what you really care about shows up over and over. True success lies at the junction of your true passion, lots of hard work and having the guts to go after it.

I also keep a small voice recorder handy – especially when I am driving. If some thing pops into my head I simply dictate it to myself and then transcribe it into my journal later that day or the next. This is a simple and safe way to capture an idea for evaluation at a later time.

You will want to periodically (no less than weekly) sit and review the recent additions to your journal. Carve out some time and a place to sit and really think about and through what you have added to your journal. Let the thoughts turn over in your mind. If you set aside a specific time and space for this exercise you will be able to make better decisions as well specific plans of action for accomplishing your goals.

One last comment before I complete this entry. Make sure the comments you write in your journal are positive and that you add only well-worded questions. Questions that start with “Why can’t…” need to be abolished from your vocabulary. A well-worded question leads to a positive answer. Questions should be “How can…” or “What’s the best…”. Your journal is an aid to help you achieve all the success you are capable of. Use it as a positive tool and let it help speed your journey along.

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