Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bigger Questions Grow Your Life

I have mentioned before that should be asking yourself “how can I..?” instead of “why can’t I..?” Every question you ask yourself sets off a chain reaction in your subconscious. Your mind immediately begins to work on finding an answer or validating the belief behind the question. It is this validation sequence that makes the “why can’t I..?” question so damaging. Your mind immediately begins to seek out and identify everything that validates the negative thought pattern and, of course by doing so, reinforces the negative and downward attitude. The questions we ask ourselves need to be phrased in a positive and forward moving manner. The “how can I..? questions also get your mind seeking answers but with questions phrased in the positive your mind begins to seek solutions. In order to answer the question you subconsciously and then consciously begin to find the steps needed in order to move forward and achieve the goal.

But the really amazing thing to keep in mind is that the enormity of the solution grows in direct proportion to the enormity and complexity of the questions asked. In simpler terms: Ask bigger questions and you’ll get bigger answers. Simple questions get simple answers.  If you are trying to grow, if you are trying to stretch yourself and your abilities, simple questions just won’t get the job done. You need to ask bigger questions. What will it take to make “x” happen? How can I accomplish “x”? Don’t be afraid to make the “x” as big as you can think of. Ask the question and let your brain go to work on the solution. You are capable of more than you know. 

Many of the people putting dents into the universe today, or who have done so in the past, came from very humble beginnings. But they did not let their past or their current conditions dictate what their future would become. They were not afraid of asking bigger questions; questions of themselves and of the world around. They sought solutions and then tried to put them into action. Many ideas fell short, many times their plans did not work out as envisioned but they did not stop. They kept asking those big questions and seeking those bigger answers until they found the ones that worked for them and allowed them to achieve what they were striving for. Abraham Lincoln comes to mind. You could not start from a more humble beginning yet he rose up to become president of this country and led us through a very dark and tumultuous period of our history. Your local library is full of biographies of very successful people who started their journeys from very modest beginnings. But one of the common denominators amongst all those biographies is that each and every person was not afraid to ask bigger and bigger questions. And, probably more importantly, not afraid to follow through with the answer.

What is it that you want to accomplish? What dent would you like to put into the universe? Start asking yourself the “How can I…?” and keep asking until the answer is crystal clear in your mind. Turn that answer into action and take action. You are more than you thing you are. You have deeper resources than you think you do. Never underestimate what you can accomplish.

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