Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Time to set your 2013 goals

2013 has arrived. Where did 2012 go? Time picks up speed year after year doesn’t it? That is the exact reason why you need to spend some time thinking about and writing out specific goals for the next year. You need specifics to focus and work on or you will end up 12 months from now in the same spot you are now. That is just not acceptable.  Not acceptable for you and not acceptable for those around you. Life is about growth and development – regardless of the activity. The better you get the more enjoyment you will have whatever the endeavor.

Start with a blank sheet of paper and make four horizontal lines so that the sheet ends up with five separate sections. Label each of the five sections with one of the five elements of True Success: Head, Heart, Health, Wealth and World.

Fill in each section with at least two goals to achieve over the next 12 months. Take your time and come back to this on several different days. It is both too important to rush through and too complicated to think about every element at once. And remember – these are your goals. Just as no two people have the same life experiences, no two people will have the same goals.

Think stretch goal – A good goal should take effort on your part and ideally be something that you are not 100% sure how or if you can do it. Yes, you want to succeed but if you already can see it accomplished than where does the growth and development come in.

Imagine a conversation in January 2014 with a parent, grandparent, or one of your children. What would you be proud to tell them about? What skills and abilities have you learned or taken to a whole new level? What relationships have you made stronger? What have you done to improve your overall health and well-being? What have you accomplished in the financial arena to secure a better economic future for you or your family? What and how have you contributed back to the world at large?

This blog entry rings a bell in the back of your mind because you have either read or thought about goal setting before. And you also know that written goals are very powerful. Hear the bell and take action. Schedule some time right now when you are going to sit with your paper and pen and start the process of putting your goals to paper. Feel the inner pride of taking a step toward a more successful future for you and everyone you care about.

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