Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Success requires your active participation

Success does not happen without your active participation. You must improve in all areas in order to achieve the level of success you desire. Success comes to those who work at it, and although success does have a price it’s not something you can simply go to the store and buy. The price for success is effort, growth and time. It takes all three my friends, all three. It takes your effort, your growth and your time.

YOU have to put forth the effort. YOU have to become focused and dedicated to increasing your knowledge and improving your skills in all areas. YOU have to seek out information from a variety of sources. If you are not absorbing new information and increasing your overall knowledge how can you expect to change and become more and more successful in any area of your life?

YOU have to grow. Growth comes from gaining knowledge, putting it into practice, reflecting on what is and what is not working, and then making adjustments as you move forward. Don’t be afraid of or discouraged by mistakes. Mistakes are often the best teacher as long as you reflect on what happened, why it happened and come away with a plan for doing it differently moving forward. Growth starts slow, but over time you gain momentum. The more you learn, the more connections you make. It is these connections that propel your growth.

YOU have to put in the time. Success does not happen overnight. Success is the result of thousands of little things you learn and do day in and day out. There are no shortcuts and everyone’s success journey is different. It takes time to try things, to make mistakes and to learn from them. It takes time to take classes, read books and talk to other successful people. Never waste the time you have by not taking advantage of each and every opportunity to learn something new.

Never forget that you are in control of your life. Events may occur but it is your choice on how you will react. Will you choose to let events define and dictate who you are and what you can achieve, or will you use the incredible strength you have within to rise up, find your path and achieve all the levels of success you desire. Always choose the latter – you have too much to offer and contribute to the world around you.   

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