Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Share Your Humanity

I want to challenge you all to make a commitment to changing how you interact with the people in the world around you. The concept I am challenging you all to embrace is “Share Your Humanity”. At the heart is the concept of treating others how you would like to be treated. We all want to be seen (noticed, acknowledged), we all want to be shown compassion, and we all want to valued and respected.

Sharing Your Humanity is just that. Notice the people around you, respect the people around you and show some compassion to the people around you. How hard is that really? We are not talking about any bold action on your part. Start small and hold a door open for complete strangers and wishing them a good day is a simple way to start. Taking a few seconds (yes, literally seconds) to make a connection and show some kindness impacts both your day and the strangers day in a positive way.

Each one of us, through our actions, sends energy into the world around us. The choice you need to make is whether that energy is going to be positive or negative. I urge you to choose positive. In a world that seems so full of negative thoughts and actions, we need more positive to be sent out to help offset the gloom and doom of the news. Sharing Your Humanity puts a spring in your step. Don’t believe it. Get up, get out and make someone’s day. You will feel better and I assure you so will they.

You Share Your Humanity when you do something unexpected for someone else with no thought of any payback to yourself. It is the free giving of goodwill on your part. We can all find a way to make that happen. I saw a short video on LinkedIn this morning about a man who bought a small amount of food (bag of chips and a Gatorade) for homeless people he saw on the street. That was his way of Sharing his Humanity; a simple and compassionate action his part with obviously no expectation of payback. I am not advocating you do the same (although that would be wonderful), but I am advocating you find ways to Share Your Humanity with the world around you.

Make this challenge part of your daily routine. Put it into action and practice every day until it becomes automatic. Think about the chain reaction your one act of kindness could set in motion today, and then stop thinking about it and go do it. Let’s set in motion thousands of ripples of humanity throughout our world and the universe. It just takes a few seconds of awareness and effort from each of us.

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