Thursday, February 6, 2020

This Week's Quote and Commentary

I was driving in my car and listening to a Blanchard Leaderchat podcast yesterday where the host was interviewing Jen Sincero, author of You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

During the interview she shared the quote above and it just struck me as so true and yet many of us spend a lot of time worrying.

We worry about a host of things in our lives, most of which once we tackle the issue turn out to not be as big an issue or insurmountable problem as our imagination let them become.

Our minds are always working, always thinking. And instinctively our brains evolved to be on the lookout for danger. Primitive man had to fight to survive and had to always be aware of the dangers that might harm or kill them.  Yes, we have evolved in many ways but there is a part of our brains that still focuses on finding danger (trying to keep us safe). Unfortunately this results in our thoughts drifting to the negative –we worry that this or that may or may not happen.  

It also oftentimes keeps us from trying new things, from going after new experiences or new opportunities. We worry about what could go wrong.

What the mind believes is what plays out in your life. Feel you are not worthy of a deep relationship and you’ll never form one. Feel that you will look foolish if you chase your dream and you will never start moving forward.

Worry zaps your focus on what is possible and uses up valuable time and energy that you could use to pursue the success in all areas that you are more than capable of achieving.

It’s time to become aware and take control of the conversation running in your head. What are the messages you are telling yourself and what are you worrying about over and over. You have to take control and change the dialogue. You have to begin new conversations with yourself.

Re-frame the conversation and change the wording to be possible and about possibilities. Literally repeat your new phrase over and over in your mind several times each day. It may sound silly at first but if you will commit to it, you will find the negative thoughts get quieter and the positive thoughts become louder.

As the positive thoughts increase your actions will change and you will become more aware of the opportunities all around you. Your success is within your reach, it’s just clouded by worry and fear.

Work on stopping the worrying. Pray for more of the good that is already in your life. Pray for ways to help others in this world.

You were brought into this world with more gifts to offer than you will ever truly know. You #1 task is to find ways to share all your greatness with everyone around you.

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