Thursday, September 30, 2010

Self Talk your way to Success

Every one of us has a constant conversation running thorough our heads. This is often referred to as self-talk and it can be a very powerful ally in helping you reach all of your success goals. The key is to be aware of this conversation and to work on keeping it positive and focused.

You have to be very aware of this conversation and of the specific words being used. As you know, words have the power to invigorate and motivate as well as the power to damage your spirit and zap your energy. It is all in the phrasing and how you internally react to what ever it happening around you.

You can't beat yourself up over and over in your mind and expect to be a positive and energetic force in your life or the lives of others. Monitor the conversation in your head and step in if it is going the wrong direction. If you are hearing "why can't I..., " or "I keep making mistakes", or anything similar you need to stop what you are doing and re-phrase the internal conversation. You need to be saying "How can I...", or "What is the best way to..."

You need to congratulate yourself on your victories no matter how small and keep reminding yourself of all the skills and talents you have developed. You are a force to be recognized and you are on your way to accomplishing great things. Know it, believe it, and own it. The more aware and in control of your self-talk the better your outlook about yourself and on the life around you will be.

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