Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Success includes focusing on the Heart

Heart is the second success element. As I have stated before, family relationships stand at the top of the heart category. Remember that on a daily basis these relationships need to be nurtured. Simple and seemingly unrelated things can go a long way in letting those you love know they are important to you.

Case in point: I recently installed microwave oven over our stove. This is something my wife asked about several years back. I could argue that since we had a working countertop unit I was being frugal. My wife, rightfully so, would be correct by calling me cheap. I could also argue that I have been busy but again my wife would be correct in replacing the word busy with procrastinating. Yes, I had to find a cabinet maker to cut down and resize a cabinet but that only took one phone call. And yes I had to wire up an electrical outlet and fix some ductwork but that did not take that much time either. I simply did not start the project because I felt it was going to turn into a major ordeal. It did not. The cabinet ended up an easy fix and the kitchen looks great.

Being perfectly honest about it I was just not focused on the second success element. I was focused elsewhere and let family relationships take a back seat. This was not a decision on my part, it just happened. Time moves quickly and if you are not paying attention things slip to the back burner. By getting my ass in gear and getting the cabinet re-made and the microwave installed I was telling my wife that her needs are important to me as well. The lesson here is to make sure you listen and make sure you react quickly. It took way too long for this to be completed and until I finished it I did not fully comprehend how I was ignoring part of the relationship. It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

Take a lesson from me. If a loved one needs your time and your skills – make the commitment to act on that need today. It is one of the easiest ways to say I love you.

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