Sunday, October 10, 2010

Success Lessons from a Glass Studio

Professional success comes from not only living your passion but from working with a team that shares the same passion. This simple truth revealed itself again during a recent trip to San Antonio and a visit to a local glass artisan (see My wife and I spent several hours watching a team of five artisans - from Master thru assistant - produce a number of beautiful pieces.

Besides the final glass works, I was also watching the beautiful and almost choreographed movements of the artisans. They were all fully in tune with the molten glass and with each other. The work shifted from furnace to several work stations over and over again as each piece was being born. Each member of the team knew their role and moved effortlessly around one another in what was actually a surprisingly small space. Sometimes it was a word, a tap on the arm, or a simple head nod but each gesture, each movement communicated to the others what was happening and who and what were moving where. There was not only mastery of the glass but we were watching mastery of the entire process as well.

Make no mistake- this mastery is a product of passion. Finding your passion and then having the discipline and drive to go after it is what brings people to life. It is what will bring you to life. Pursuing a professional that is part of who you are, that actually pumps through your body, produces the most success. Success not only in the workplace but throughout your life as well. How could it not effect your entire life. You are living and working with the "true" you. When you are true to yourself you become a force and a light that everyone around you can see. How did these five artisans find themselves - they saw the light that each other possessed and were drawn together to become even better as a group than individuals. I am sure they go home at the end of a day fulfilled, energized and happy to be alive. Who could ask for anything more.

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