Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Complete Success Alphabet

Learning the alphabet was the key to reading, writing and communicating. Numbers and basic mathematical equations were the key to algebra, geometry and more. Basic laws of matter, energy and motion were the foundation to physics. Your Personal and Professional Development (PPD©) is no different. Learning your Success ABC’s will provide a strong base on which to build a lifetime of success upon.

The following list summarizes the Success ABC’s. Follow links individually to learn about a particular concept or start at “A” and follow the links from page to page. Commit these to memory. Practice them regularly. By building a strong foundation you’ll find your journey towards true success easier and more life more fulfilling.

A is for Attitude.
B is for Bounce-Back.
C is for Confidence
D is for Define
E is for Endurance
F is for Family/Friends
G is for Gratitude
H is for Healthy
I is for Initiative
J is for Journal
K is for Knowledge
L is for Library
M is for Mentor
N is for Network
O is for Optimistic
P is for Planning
Q is for Quit
R is for Responsive
S is for Sacrifice
T is for Team
U is for Undeterred
V is for Values
W is for Work-Ethic
X is for Xtra
Y is for You
Z is for Zest

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