Wednesday, August 11, 2010

R is for Responsive

How you respond to a given event or circumstance greatly influences your quality of life and the ultimate level of success you attain. There are two sayings I want you to think about.

Number One: Shit happens.

Number Two: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

The first is a very concise description of life. No one has it perfect; every one has challenges and hardships that pop up. You can fantasize all you want about being rich, successful, a Hollywood or Wall Street star. But every one has “shit” in there lives.

The second saying gets to the heart of finding success. How you deal with the “surprises” is the important lesson. When you look at what you have to work with and make the best of it you are on a path to a successful life. I am not talking about telling yourself everything is alright when things are not alright. I am talking about accepting the situation and working through it.

In short you need to respond, not react. Your immediate reaction is rarely your best option. Reactions are emotion based, not intellect based. True success required intellect. You have to stop, think and choose your response. Take a moment to reflect on a recent set-back. Did you react and put the first thought that came to mind into action? How did that work out for you? I am willing to bet that if you are being honest you will admit that your first thought (your reaction) was not the best way to go.

Stepping back and thinking things through (choosing your response) will always lead to the best results. Achieving true success in life is not easy, but if you make the choice to be responsive instead of just reactive you will find your stress level will decrease and your overall level of happiness will increase.

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