Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T is for Team

As I have stated before success does not happen in a vacuum nor is it a solo sport. When Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier there were hundreds if not thousands of people behind him working on his behalf. When Neal Armstrong stepped on the moon that was just the final step to a long success journey moved along by the efforts of thousands of individuals all doing their part to help. The only way to achieve success is to surround your self with a strong team.

Two teams actually.

One team is your professional team: a team of individuals all working together towards the same end. You may be the entrepreneur, the lead, the boss or you may be team member working somewhere along the process. Regardless of the position, every team member is vital to the person or organization achieving their overall objective.

The second team is your personal support team: your family and your close friends; people that will support and encourage your vision and your dreams. These are the people that lift you up when you down; these are the people who re-energize you when you get tired and push you if you start to get the least bit disillusioned.

In my book your personal support team is the most critical. You have to have people who will stand beside you not matter what, but who are also not afraid to tell it to you straight. A little dose of reality can be quite enlightening. Only your closest family and friends will tell you when you are being an idiot or not walking the talk.

Whether you are just starting to put together a plan for achieving success or you are already moving along, make sure you have both teams. Evaluate the members on your teams. If they are not helping you along, adding value or insight, or helping to support you emotionally I would suggest you begin looking to make some changes. Your journey towards true success will take time and lots of effort. By building up two rock-solid support teams you will help make things a bit easier in the long run.

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