Sunday, August 22, 2010

U is for Undeterred

Finding true success in all areas of your life is not a simple endeavor. It takes commitment, focus, energy and hard work. There will always be things that pop up during the journey. Issues outside of your control will cast influence over you what you are trying to accomplish. These could be financial issues, health issues, relationship issues, or any of a whole host of issues.

Finding true success requires that you remain undeterred from your path. Yes, you will be pulled and pushed on a regular basis, but you have to accept that this will happen but remain focused on getting back to your personal path.

After all, your success journey is just that. It is yours and yours alone. No two people have the exact same dreams, desires, plans or commitment. No two people have the exact personal values. Everyone places a different level of importance, and therefore a different level of attention, onto the various areas of their life.

Unfortunately this often causes other people to, at best, offer advice or at worst, become critical of you and your plans. Even if a person wants the best for you they cannot see through your eyes, they cannot see the future you see, and they do not have the passions you have.

Do not let anyone, no matter how much they care for you bring your journey to a stop. You and you alone know what is truly important in your heart. You and you alone can see your future. Yes, you need a network and a team but you also need to stay true to yourself, your calling and your journey. Listen to their advice, thank them for their assistance, but at the end of the day make sure you are moving along the path that you have planned.

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