Wednesday, August 4, 2010

P is for Planning

I have to assume you are truly serious about finding success in all areas of your life. You would not still be reading these blog postings if the idea of finding success did not resonate somewhere deep within you. You are looking for some guidance, some information, some tip to help make your journey both shorter and more rewarding.

Here is one of the best pieces of info you are going to get: Make a plan. Without a plan you may or may not end up where you want to be (most likely not). Without a plan you are simply bouncing through life hoping to end up happy and content. Hope is not a plan. Hope is never a plan.

You have to take some time to stop, sit and really think about what you want out of your life. You only get one life (with the possible exception of Shirley MacLaine). You need to determine what is important to you, what are non-negotiable areas and issues in your life. Where is it you want to end up? Determine that and then start planning backward to the present. Talk with your spouse, your loved ones, trusted friends, and/or other people whom you admire. Yes, this process is not simple and it is not easy. But when you combine the information you discover about your self with an equally well thought out plan of action you will find yourself truly becoming that successful person you want and deserve to be.

Put a plan together that moves you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Some things will be easy to plan and easy to accomplish. In the larger scheme of things eating healthier is not very difficult. For instance you could buy only fresh fruits and produce and skip the snack food aisles at the grocery starting with your next shopping trip.

Other areas of your life will be more difficult and take more time. Fixing damaged relationships can take quite a lot of effort on your part and may take years to see results. You cannot control how the other person feels or will react to your efforts to move the relationship out of rough water.

I do need to throw in one word of caution: Do not get too caught up in making the perfect plan. No plan will ever be perfect. All plans will end up being modified as you move forward. Some people get stuck in the planning process and never move forward. A poor plan executed well is always better than trying to develop the perfect plan. Perfection is impossible.

Make the best plans you can and jump in. Yes, you may stumble here or there. And yes, you will need to make modifications. But achieving success in life is about moving forward and learning as you go. If you knew all you needed to know you would already have the successful life you desire.

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