Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How Bright is your Light?

Your personal energy, your light, is the clearest indication to everyone you meet about how you feel about your life. Are you pumped up or are you just going through the motions? Do you bring energy and light with you wherever you go, or do you enter a room and bring the energy level down?

Life should be exciting and filled with new adventures and opportunities. Don’t start thinking that these are just once in a lifetime opportunities like climbing Mount Everest or diving on the Great Barrier Reef. New adventures and opportunities are all around you. What about that new restaurant that opened in town? What about a project at work that needs a team leader? How about volunteering at a local shelter or at your church, synagogue, or mosque? Assistant coach for a little league or soccer team? The list can go on and on.

The point is that there are a wide variety of opportunities all around you if you just keep your eyes, ears and heart open. And that is where your light comes from. Your light is a product of your head and your heart working together, embracing life and letting others know you care. It shines the brightest when you are engaged in helping others and is the dimmest when your focus is solely on yourself.

So, I ask you one more time, how bright is your light? If you are not bringing light and energy with you, I challenge you to find something you care about and can really sink your heart and mind into. You owe it not only to yourself, but to the world itself, to share your knowledge and your passion. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel more fulfilled, and everyone you encounter will feel the energy and light radiating from within you. 

It’s your life, it’s your light – Make the best and brightest you can each and every day.

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