Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Are you Teachable?

John Wooden remarked “Everything you know you learned from someone else”.

Absolutely accurate.

But are you teachable?

Are you open to being shown something new or being shown a better way?

Being open to learning requires a bit of humility and the admittance that you do not know it all.

True Success requires that you be a lifetime learner. You have to always be on the lookout for and open to new information, new ways of looking at things and new ways of doing things.

The world around us is changing faster than ever and will only be speeding up.
The level of success you achieve in each of the five successelements depends greatly upon your ability and willingness to try and learn new ideas and methods.

Remember when you were young and you learned your multiplication tables. You were proud of yourself and wanted to show your parents or guardians what you knew. There was excitement in having mastered the challenge.

Same holds true today. There is excitement in mastery.

And the good news is there is always more and more to master.

That means the challenge and the excitement need never cease.

 Be open to learning. Become a lifetime learner.

As the saying goes: “The more you know, the more you grow”

Make sure you are ready to grow fully into the person you are meant to be. Become all that you can be and share yourself with the world. You benefit and we benefit.

That’s a win-win if I ever heard one.

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