Thursday, January 16, 2020

This Week's Quote and Commentary

This quote could not be any more straightforward yet so many people do not heed the advice.

Until you take that first step, take that first action, you are simply in a holding pattern.

Life is too rich with opportunities and experiences to simply be stuck in a holding pattern. You simply cannot wait until you have every single detail thought out before moving forward. You will never move if you are waiting for that to happen.

It is perfectly OK to start with small steps. Even small steps move you forward.

Once you start taking those small steps you’ll find yourself more comfortable than you thought and your steps and actions will become larger.

Talking about something does not make it happen. Results happen when action is taken.

Challenge yourself to take some action.

Action reduces fear. When you actually get moving you’ll find most of your fears fall away on their own; they were all in your head and dissipate rapidly when moved into the light of activity.

You achieve true success by taking action. You can’t talk yourself into success.

But you can work your way into whatever levels of success you desire.

Action = Results. Learn as you go and your results will get better and better.

Be a student of your life. Learn from your experience and keep marching forward. You have so much to share with the world around you.

So stop talking and start doing – today.

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