Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Have you considered your brand?

Just like every company around the world, we all have a brand.

For a company, the brand represents the expected experience with the company and its products.

For an individual, your brand represents the expectation others have of you. The type of person you are and just how they expect you to interact with those around you.

Brand = Reputation.

Have you spent time thinking about your brand? Have you thought about how you are perceived in the world?

It’s not at all self-centered to think about developing the best brand possible. Successful people have learned to protect their brand, and work hard to make sure they stay focused on being their best possible self.

It starts with your values. What are your top 5 values? Spend some time and list this out. Review the list and then ask yourself this question – “Where in my life does that value show up?” I would also ask family or close friends if they agree with your list. If not, listen closely to why.

If you are not consistently “living” that value I would tell you need to adjust your list until the top 5 are an accurate representation of your true values (The values you live on a day to day basis). You know your list is accurate when those around you agree with your list. Your values show up in the actions you take on a daily basis, and those around you see it every day.

Not happy with your list or the list that your family or friends have for you. Your brand needs some work.

Your brand precedes you. Opinions about you are formed before people even meet you face to face. This happens in the workplace and in your community.

The best brands are authentic. You can’t fake it for long. Trying to live a life of fake values will not work and everyone will quickly pick up on it. Your brand becomes tainted and not well regarded. You become not well regarded.

Companies do not leave their brand to chance. You should not either. The more authentic you are, the more people will gravitate towards you. Honesty and straightforwardness are like magnets. The more authentic your brand, the more people you attract, and as you build more contacts you will find opportunities to achieve even more success.

Once the ball gets rolling and you keep authentic to your brand, the richer life becomes .

True Success does indeed begin within. Your brand is part of that within. Take the time to define, develop, and protect it.   

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