Thursday, January 9, 2020

This Week's Quote and Commentary

Your thoughts really do influence your actions and in that way somewhat control your destiny.

The startling truth is that your brain tries to reinforce the thoughts running through your head. That internal dialogue continues down a negative track if not intentionally changed.

To become truly successful you need to understand that thoughts become your reality. You have to think like a successful person before you will ever become one.

Take the Success Element HEART for example. If your thoughts are negative about relationships, if you always think the worst of other people or if you always think that you are unworthy of lasting friendships or love, then it would be very difficult to actually find a deep friendship or love. Your thoughts become your actions, and believe me your actions are letting everyone know that you are not a person with whom to form a lasting relationship.

Conversely, if you think and feel you are worthy, and you see the best in other people, forming strong and lasting relationships natural happens. Your actions, your demeanor and your words let all those around you feel your warmth and positivity.

This works the same for every one of the other four Success Elements. Your thoughts direct your actions and your actions make things happen. Not overnight, but things will happen for you.

Be aware of your inner dialogue and make sure you consciously step in and take control. Do not allow negativity to get a foothold. Like untended weeds in a garden, negativity can quickly overtake every area of your life.

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